Eventos / DE FINLANDIA: MOPO / 2016-03-17




Mopo is a collective of three talented musicians from Finland. The energetic trio saw the daylight in the fall of 2009, when the musicians brainstormed as a result of a bar-fight.

Mopo (”a moped”) accelerates easily from zero to speed of light, but mostly the trio steps on the gas for a hilarious joyride in the countryside. The trio draws their inspiration from jazz, 70s punk and the Finnish nature. Each composition is born in the magic of the moment and Mopo’s intense performances have stolen the hearts of their audiences all over the Finnish jazz club scene. In May 2011, Mopo won the Finnish tryouts of the Young Nordic Jazz Comets –competition and earned a huge amount of interest and attention in the finals held in Stockholm.

Recently Mopo has performed in London Jazz Festival, BBC Jazz On Radio 3 live session and prestigious 12 Points! festival, just to name a few. Mopo released their debut album, Jee! in 2012 and second album Beibe in 2014, both on Finnish Texicalli Records label. The latter is going to international distribution by Edition Records in the UK.

Linda Fredriksson – Saxophone, Clockenspiegel,

Eero Tikkanen – Double Bass, Harmonica, Rubber Chicken

Eeti Nieminen – Drums, Reindeer Bell, Mouth Harp

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