Eventos / GABRIEL PUENTES QUARTET / 2009-11-26



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Gabriel Puentes Urrutia scroll down for some info in english (when available) Batería Estudió batería con Ricardo Ruíz, Ralph Peterson Jr. y Billy Hart, al igual que con Antonio Sánchez, Ben Perowsky y Tony Martucci. Reside desde fines de 1999 en la Ciudad de México, donde participa en diversos proyectos junto a los más destacados jazzistas locales, habiéndose presentado en varios festivales internacionales y ciclos de conciertos en importantes escenarios de Latinoamérica, los Estados Unidos y Europa. English Gabriel Puentes drummer Born in santiago, chile. he took lessons from ricardo ruiz, the best teacher available locally, before leaving in 1999 to settle in mexico city. some other teachers he’s had lessons from are ralph peterson, jr., billy hart, antonio sánchez, tony martucci, arhehoenig and ben perowsky. he was part of the school for improvisational music 2002 summer workshop, where he had private lessons from drummers nasheet waits and jim black, and from bassist mark helias, plus group lessons with ralph alessi, peter epstein, steve coleman, don byron, urhecaine, j. granelly et al. while still in chile, he also studied afrocuban hand percussion with cuban masters david ortega and josé luis "changuito" quintana. he’s played almost literally all kinds of music (thrash metal, punk rock, brazilian traditional music, cumbia, merengue, vocal pop music, alternative rock, uruguayan candombe, tarantellas, salsa, dixieland, big band swing, progressive rock, fusion, chilean and argentinian folklore, mexican traditional music -from son jarocho and huapango to mariachheand norteñas-, funk, small combo jazz in all its possible forms and some stuff incorporating electronics... you name it). he’s been playing mostly jazz for the last eight years in a wide variety of bands, from duos to big band. he’s played and/or recorded with the most accomplished musicians in mexico (locals and from abroad), including agustín bernal, mark aanderud, tyler mitchell, diego maroto, miguel villicaña, eugenio toussaint, alejandro campos, ken basman, iraida noriega, cristóbal lópez, aarón cruz, rey david alejandre, remheálvarez, among many others. i've also been chosen to join foreign musicians while touring or recording in mexico; some of them are eddie gomez, donny mccaslin, iván renta, kiyoshhekitagawa, tianna hall, roland guerin, marian petrescu, john leftwich, j.d. walter, jay rodríguez, nicole henry, denisse perrier, beat kaestli, brent jensen, ellen kaye, et al. he’s played all over the united states, as well as in europe, canada, the southern pacific and latin america, having been featured in some very important jazz festivals, concert halls and venues. he was selected as a finalist for the thelonious monk institute of jazz performance scholarship in 2003, where he was the only latin american finalist and the only one who didn't have a degree from any music school.

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