Eventos / DE CUBA JAZMIN SOLAR / 2011-02-22



$CR* 150

Jazmin Zepeda Piano, Voz y Composición Jazmín Zepeda proviniente de La Habana, Cuba, reside en la Ciudad de México donde ejerce los estudios en composición y piano en el Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Musicales. Posteriormente perfecciona sus estudios musicales con distintos maestros en las áreas de canto, improvisación vocal y canto yorubá. Dedicada por entero a la música, participa en varios discos como pianista y cantante con músicos de la talla de Lino Nava, Sánchez Dub, Digi&Gabo, Alvaro Ruiz. Jazmín Solar, es el proyecto que como solista Jazmín Zepeda lanza este año, enmarcando en éste su talento como compositora y la frescura que los ritmos, serenos, una buena mexcla de Jazz Pop, la voz y letras propias nos traen para deleitarnos este fin de año en el Zinco Jazz Club. English Jazmin Zepeda was born in Havana and has been living in Mexico City for the past years. Here she has studied composition and piano in the Center of Investigations and Musical Studies. After making her career as a singer, studying vocal improvisation and yoruba singing with different teachers, she devoted herself to music, taking part in several albums as pianist and singer with musicians of the height of Lino Nava, Sanchez Dub, Digi*Gabo, Alvaro Ruiz and Leika Mochan. In 2010 she signs with the Ombligo Label and records her first disc in October of the same year. This album freely expresses her talent as a composer. Her words are intimate and better appreciated with her voice, serene and emotional at the same time. The disc is reflection of the interior world of Solar, her search for honesty and truth which is part of the process of creation that has marked an important moment of her life. A pop melodramatic kind of disc, which is concerned in preserving the original essence of every song from its origin. The people involved in this project have tried to weave a mixture between the sound and words so they mix in such a way that the true feeling of the artist is expressed. Her first EP " Lo que soy (What I Am) " will be on sale in all digital shops as of December 13th. The EP contains two songs " Lo Que Soy (What I Am) " and "Luciérnagas (Fireflies)". The physical album will be ready by the middle of December.

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